Automating Rich Internet Application Development for Enterprise Web 2.0 and SOA

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Rich internet applications for SOA have to cope with very complex, multi-layered peer-to-peer architectures, proliferating technologies and all the transformations between different layers of the architecture. Traditional development tools and languages were not designed for this type or volume of native XML information, which can lead to applications that are costly to implement, rigid and difficult to maintain. Read this white paper to learn how using a native XML approach and tools that are 'designed-for-purpose' will accelerate the development of rich internet applications for SOA through automation and reuse of readily available XML assets.

This white paper details the key advantages and disadvantages of traditional development tools, as well as frameworks for building rich internet applications for SOA. Discover new tools and a different, designed-for-purpose, internet application development approach that significantly reduce the development time.
Hyfinity Ltd.
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 1, 2007
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