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Using Log Management to Drive Operational Insight, Mitigate Risk and Automate Compliance


Delivering Log-Powered Services Across the Enterprise Sr. Analyst Jon Oltsik Enterprise Strategy Group

{" The laissez-faire attitude towards log data is no longer acceptable" -Jon Oltsik ESG Group}

Join Jon Oltsik for an overview and live Q&A session on the findings from his newly released study on "Enterprise Log Management Services". His findings include the rapidly growing awareness of log data's critical role in enterprise security. Jon will discuss examples of how major enterprises from various industries, including technology, government and manufacturing, are using Log Management to drive operational efficiency across their organizations.

Log files are certainly nothing new. Computers, networking devices, applications, and operating systems constantly log events. In the past this data was mostly ignored. Now security and compliance requirements created a demand to collect, search and report and alert on log data.

The webcast will cover:

  • How monitoring, troubleshooting and policy enforcement depend upon log data
  • Differentiating security incident management (SIM) and Log Management
  • The importance of large organizations need for an Enterprise log management service
  • Log data's critical role in security: event detection, tracking suspicious behavior and forensic analysis

LogLogic is an innovator and market leader in Log Data Management and Intelligence (LMI). LogLogic provides enterprise-class platforms for high-performance data aggregation, retention and analysis on 100% of log data from virtually any device, operating system or application, addressing compliance and risk mitigation demands from enterprises.


Jon Oltsik Senior Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group
LogLogic, Inc.
Mar 15, 2007, 14:00 EDT (18:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.