Data Center Energy Efficiency and Productivity

Data Center Energy Efficiency and Productivity

The costs of providing power, cooling and environmental site support for infrastructures are increasing faster than the performance gained from buying new servers. In raw dollars, that means the net value of adding new servers is far less than several years ago, and the trend points to an even lower ROI in the future. While chip and server makers are working to boost energy efficiency per cycle and per transaction, these solutions are not available just yet.

This white paper will review five steps that corporations can take to significantly reduce operating costs and extend the capacity of data operations. Many of these initiatives are self-funding, but also one-time fixes. Implement these initiatives and reduce power consumption without having to wait for more power-efficient chips and technologies to be available.


Kenneth G. Brill Founder and Executive Director, The Uptime Institute, Inc. Mr. Brill is the Founder and Executive Director of The Uptime Institute and the 85-corporate member Site Uptime Network. He holds an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Many industry innovations, such as dual power topology and Tier level trace back to his original work. In 1999, recognizing that heat density would become critical to IT availability, Mr. Brill worked closely with the Thermal Management Consortium to publish the white paper 2000-2010 Heat Density Product Trends. This foundational industry document predicting many of the problems now facing the industry was updated for the Institute’s High-Density Computing Symposium held in April 2006. He has authored or contributed to many white papers and is a frequent commentator in business and technology media on data center and site infrastructure design, engineering, and management issues. His current focus is on strategic and business impact of The Economic Meltdown of Moore’s Law.
Uptime Institute, Inc.
09 Feb 2007
01 Jan 2007
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