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Turnover Tactics


Chances are these execs will be gone in five years or less. The Peace Corps' limit on staff tenure makes managing turnover an art form.


Ed Anderson's office screams "short-timer."


The white walls are bare, except for a huge poster of the Kingdom of Lesotho -- a gift from his secretary -- and his daughters' crayon drawings of butterflies mounted with tape. After all, there is no time to focus on how the place looks. Anderson, CIO of the U.S. Peace Corps, will almost certainly quit his job less than two years from now.


Many of Anderson's staff of 76 are planning their exits. This spring, the expert in charge of upgrading the organization's intranet is scheduled to quit. At the end of the year, out goes one of his specialists in application systems development. Anderson's top lieutenants have a little more time on the clock. His head of operations has an employment contract that lasts until the fall of next year with an option to renew for another 30 months; and his director of application systems isn't due to leave until the spring of 2009.


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11 Feb 2007
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This resource is no longer available.