Quick Recovery of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Databases Using Veritas Storage Foundation 4.3 for Windows on HP Integrity Servers

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Veritas Storage Foundations for Windows is easy to install, configure, and administer. Specialized Quick Recovery features, based on point-in-time, disk-based storage snapshots, provide rapid and flexible recovery of Microsoft SQL Server environments, promoting maximum application availability with minimal incremental system resource utilization.

Quick Recovery enables on-host, disk-based snapshots to be created. These snapshots contain a complete copy of the state of the database at a given point in time including the database, metadata and transaction logs.

The snapshots are created without shutting down the application & can be used as a substitute for current production volumes if corruption or database loss occurs. This process provides a means of recovery that is significantly faster than restoration from standard backup media.

This paper documents the installation, configuration, and testing of the solution. Throughout, a sample database "Schools" is used to illustrate these activities. In addition to functional tests, basic performance tests were also performed to verify the speed at which recovery can be accomplished. The tests results showed that SQL Server databases can be recovered and brought back online within a minute of an outage.
HP & Symantec
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 1, 2006
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