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5 Levels of Agile Planning: From Enterprise Product Vision to Team Stand-up


Experience gathered during large-scale implementation of agile concepts in software development projects teaches us that the currently popular agile software development methods (like Scrum) do not scale to program, product and organization level without change. The fundamentals for changes to these methods are found in Lean principles, or: the future of agile methods is found in its origins. This paper describes a planning framework that has been used successfully in large-scale agile projects and investigates the impact of introducing this framework on three core Lean principles: Muri, Mura and Muda.

The three Lean principles that are used to define agile software development methods find their origins in the Muri, Mura and Muda concepts:

  • Muri: Overburdening of people or equipment
  • Mura: Unevenness in workload
  • Muda: Waste or non-value adding activities

The existing agile methods have a focus on small (single team, duration measured in months) projects. The impact of large (multi-team, multi-year) projects on agile practices is not addressed in agile methods. This paper studies the requirements for the agile planning process in relation to the overburdening of individuals and teams (muri).


Hubert Smits Agile Coach, Rally Software As a Certified ScrumMaster Trainer (CSM-T), Hubert Smits brings more than 15 years of software project management and IT expertise to Rally. He has helped hundreds of software team members successfully transition dozens of projects to Agile and Lean practices. In so doing, he's also coached executive management teams that must deliver business value through their teams' Agile adoption. Prior to joining Rally, Smits served as a senior project manager at VisionWare plc, where he was responsible for all customer-facing implementation projects. He also has worked as a senior consultant for Vision Consulting and as a senior project manager for Buchanan International. Born in the Netherlands, Smits is a frequent speaker at industry events and prestigious Universities.
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19 Jun 2007
15 Aug 2008
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This resource is no longer available.