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Effectively Managing Team Conflict

Successful managers can effectively manage conflict. This ability is considered a core competency and is required of managers who want to grow and advance. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult skills a manager can develop.

The objective of this white paper is to illustrate team conflict symptoms and causes; to determine how to address team conflict using specific tools, skills, and processes; and to improve the ability of managers to build teams that can deal effectively with both healthy and unhealthy conflict.


Barbara Bulleit Co-founder of Bulleit Marketing Barbara Bulleit has extensive experience in training, project management, business planning and management, product development and launch, marketing, and sales support. Barbara has developed and delivered training for professionals across a variety of industries. Her background includes tenures at IBM and Digital Equipment Corporation as trainer, project manager, product manager, and marketing manager in engineering, systems, and networking groups. She also conducted her own consulting business for five years, working with both Fortune 500 and emerging companies. She is a trained teacher with experience in public and private schools. Barbara is co-founder of Bulleit Marketing, offering training and business consulting.
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This resource is no longer available.