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Identity Resolution: A Key to CDI Value

Effective customer data integration (CDI) projects consolidate enterprise information for an accurate and comprehensive view of the customer. However, without preventative action, CDI tools can succumb to data errors, variations and anomalies that can prevent the retrieval and correct use of customer information within an organization's system -- resulting in data mismatches and mistakes that can hinder customer relations.

This white paper explores identity resolution, the process through which tailored heuristic, phonetic and statistical algorithms can enable your CDI tools to find matching customer records from multiple sources, regardless of structural anomalies and quality problems. Gain key insight from Linda McHughs of Baseline Consulting as she analyses the value of adequate identity resolution and address the three main challenges to a successful CDI project.


Linda McHugh Consultant, Baseline Consulting Linda McHugh is a consultant with Baseline Consulting. She holds an M.Ed. from the University of Arizona and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Baseline Consulting is an acknowledged leader in the data integration and business analytics industry, and helps large and midsized businesses enhance the value of enterprise data, improve business results, and achieve self-sufficiency in managing and using data as a corporate asset. Over half of Baseline’s clients are FORTUNE 1000 companies. Baseline offers business consulting and technical implementation services in four practice areas: Business Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Management and Data Integration. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Baseline’s only business is mastering data.
Identity Systems
14 Dec 2006
01 Oct 2006
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This resource is no longer available.