Service-oriented Architecture: A Practical Guide to Measuring Return on That Investment

Service-oriented Architecture: A Practical Guide to Measuring Return on That Investment

Unless you've been incommunicado for the last few years, you've doubtless noticed the extensive press that SOA has recently received. Though the term can be intimidating, the fundamental concept is really quite simple - and very powerful. It's that to meet your present and projected business needs, you can turn your software applications into "building blocks" that you can infinitely rearrange, and usually at great speed. It gives you a new way not only to "reconfigure" your business, but to connect to suppliers, partners and customers.

Much like the Internet before it, SOA is sweeping through companies and industries, upending the competitive order. Thanks to SOA, companies are fast commissioning new products and services, at lower cost and with less labor, often with the technology assets they have right in hand. It's like discovering that with your existing condiments, you can make an entirely new and unexpected recipe, to the delight of your diners and of course yourself. Most important, SOA is helping to put IT squarely where it belongs: in the hands of the business executive, under whose direction it can create the most value.


Jay DiMare Associate Partner, IBM Global Business Services Jay DiMare is an Associate Partner within IBM Global Business Services. He has over twentyfive years experience in the development of large-scale, complex, cross-organization applications in the financial markets, banking and insurance industries. He is currently the global leader for the Application Innovation Services team at the IBM Institute for Business Value. Jay recently coauthored a paper, “CEOs are expanding the innovation horizon: Important implications for CIOs,” that addresses the changing role of the CIO in the innovation process. He holds a patent for software algorithms applicable to document management applications, and he has developed IBM software products in partnership with clients.
IBM Global Services
15 Nov 2006
01 Nov 2006
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