The ILM Puzzle: EMC Puts All the Pieces Together

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One of the central ideas of ILM is that different kinds of information require different service levels, retention periods, protective measures etc. The practice of ILM involves establishing and applying policies that ensure that a particular type of information is managed appropriately throughout its lifecycle. The assumption is that an enterprise can easily sort its data into usefully distinct categories. Unfortunately, in most organizations this assumption turns out to be false, and data is typically divided into only three broad categories:

  • The data often in databases that drives mission critical applications
  • Email
  • Everything else

In this white paper from analyst firm Data Mobility Group, learn how a new ILM solution from EMC can provide a tactical solution with enhanced information security and data classification - while laying the groundwork for a much broader ambitious ILM strategy.
EMC Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Sep 18, 2006
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