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Building an Extranet Portal

Organizations increasingly need to provide network access to external audiences such as partners and customers to internal data services and other applications. The result is the need for a security strategy that efficiently, securely, and cost effectively provides extensive depth and breadth of access capabilities. This white paper explores the virtues of an extranet portal and highlights SSL VPN technology as a best approach to achieve increased security and reduce costs. Download this white paper and discover:

  • Why your company should build an extranet portal
  • How to select the best SSL VPN solution for your company
  • Why SSL VPN technology makes the most sense for an extranet portal
  • And much more

Download Building an Extranet Portal now.


Mark Bouchard Founder, Missing Link Security Services, LLC Mark Bouchard, CISSP, is the founder of Missing Link Security Services, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in information security and risk management strategies. A former META Group analyst, Mark has assessed and projected the business and technology trends pertaining to a wide range of information security topics for nearly 10 years. He is passionate about helping enterprises address their information security challenges. During his career he has assisted hundreds of organizations world-wide with everything from strategic initiatives (e.g, creating 5-year security plans and over-arching security architectures) to tactical decisions involving the justification, selection, acquisition, implementation and operation of their security and privacy solutions.
Juniper Networks, Inc.
27 Oct 2006
01 Sep 2006
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This resource is no longer available.