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Seven Key Questions to Ask Before Moving to Disk-Based Backup

Listen to this Podcast and learn as disk backup experts discuss the major points to consider when moving from tape to disk, including:

  • The different types of disk-based backup
  • Key technologies to consider
  • How to cost-effectively implement a disk-based backup solution
  • Installation and management of disk-based backup
  • How to deploy a second-site solution for disaster recovery
  • Important questions to ask your disk-based backup vendor
  • How to maximize your performance
  • How to grow the system as your data backup needs grow
There are a number of choices available for disk-based backup - attend this Podcast and learn how to make your move to disk successful.


Marc Crespi Vice President of Product Management, ExaGrid Systems

Marc brings over 15 years of software and hardware experience in the high technology sector to ExaGrid, where he is part of the team that drives product strategy and execution and is responsible for managing product operations. Prior to joining the company, Marc was director of product management for security management products at Altiris. Marc came to Altiris by way of Altiris' acquisition of Pedestal Software in 2005. While at Pedestal Software, Marc was director of worldwide customer services, where he built and was responsible for the team that performed all pre- and post-sales support of Pedestal's products through a period of significant growth for the company. Prior to Pedestal, Marc held various leadership roles in customer service and product management at eDial, Convergent Networks, and Nortel Networks. He holds a BS from Bentley College.

ExaGrid Systems, Inc.
23 Oct 2006
Sep 2, 2008

This resource is no longer available.