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A New Approach to Capacity Optimization

After realizing the benefits of disk technology for data protection and archiving, many companies are storing their data on secondary disk and keeping months worth of data on-line. However, due to the strict controls on budget, space, power and cooling, this becomes a major problem.

An emerging technology - capacity optimization - is a cost-effective solution that can reduce your secondary disk space requirements. When combined with disk, capacity optimization can fundamentally change the way you protect your data and the speed at which you respond to business needs.

Download this white paper to discover the benefits of this technology, including:

  • Power, cooling and space savings
  • Deliver better service levels
  • Improve disaster recovery for remote sites
  • And more


Arun Taneja Founder, President and Consulting Analyst of the Taneja Group

Arun Taneja is the Founder, President and Consulting Analyst of the Taneja Group, an analyst and consulting group focused on storage and storage-centric server technologies. From late 2000 to early 2003 he was a Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Storage Group, an analyst group focused on storage technologies. He has 25 years’ experience in the industry in various executive level positions in marketing and engineering with companies like Sun Microsystems, IBM, Data General, Vixel and Andataco.

06 Apr 2007
01 Dec 2006
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This resource is no longer available.