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Provider Backbone Transport

The market for carrier-grade Ethernet equipment is growing as enterprises look to Ethernet services for more cost-effective bandwidth and service providers look to reduce their own network infrastructure costs to increase service profitability. Essential components for Ethernet to support these applications are: scalability, reliability, hard QoS/traffic management, service management and support for TDM services. To date, MPLS-based solutions have been the only technology option that solved all of these requirements. Nortel's Metro Ethernet solutions change this landscape by providing new alternatives for Metro networks that are based on Ethernet forwarding, simplicity and cost curves, without any loss of functionality.

Nortel achieves this by driving standards- based innovations across three key pillars of differentiation in our Metro Ethernet solutions: massive service scalability, deterministic service delivery and carrier-class OAM. Provider Backbone Bridging (IEEE 802.1ah) provides carrier-grade scalability and security between the service provider and customer. Provider Backbone Transport is then employed in the service provider domain, creating the ability to configure resilient, SLA-driven point-to-point Ethernet trunks. Finally, this architecture is supported by strong and comprehensive OAM functionality, currently being defined by industry standards bodies.

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Nortel Networks Corporation
19 Oct 2006
01 Oct 2006
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This resource is no longer available.