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Solving Identity Crises: A Citizens Financial Group Case Study

Today's businesses are complex, ever-changing, and rapidly expanding. Many companies are looking to deploy provisioning and role-based access-control solutions to gain new efficiencies and comply with key regulations. In this session, you hear from someone who's done it.

David Sherry, vice president of enterprise security for Citizens Financial Group, is responsible for access control for more than 125,000 computer accounts and 30,000 employees across 30 states. Discover how the $160 billion enterprise took a phased approach to its access control rollout. Sherry reveals the implementation, critical items to consider, the need for enterprise framework and governance, and both positive and negative lessons-learned from the project.


David Sherry CISO, Brown University

As CISO at Brown, David Sherry has institutional responsibilities to provide proactive security expertise, engineer robust security architecture, drive identity strategy and policy, and enhance the culture of security awareness. As the university spokesman for information security, Sherry also plays a key role in the record management program, business continuity planning, and copyright compliance and protection. Prior to moving to higher education he spent several years in financial services, with responsibilities for enterprise security governance and regulatory compliance, access controls and operations, identity management, and the security awareness program.

Information Security Decisions
16 Oct 2006
16 Oct 2006
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This resource is no longer available.