Control IT With Configuration Audit and Control

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Learn how establishing a change policy that enforces all changes are auditable and authorized, and all unauthorized changes are investigated, can enable IT organizations to reach compliance, security, and availability goals.

Every IT service depends on an integrated "stack" of systems such as applications, databases, middleware, directory services, operating systems and networks. This interconnectedness means even a small change can affect the entire stack, interrupt service, introduce vulnerabilities, and impact every part of a business operation. Change must be controlled to mitigate risks and improve operational efficiency. This will build an effective change management process, fostering a culture of accountability and consequence to support a change policy.

This paper details:

  • The role change control plays in an IT organization
  • The importance of change control and the risks that unauthorized change can pose to your entire IT system
  • How to create a culture of change management and enforce change policies
Download this paper and learn how Tripwire Enterprise can provide the independent change control you need to monitor your entire IT infrastructure.
Tripwire, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 1, 2007
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