Improving Business Resilience with Data Replication and Storage Area Network Extension Technology from Hitachi Data Systems and Cisco

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Resilience is fundamental to any comprehensive business continuity strategy and redundancy is one of the most effective ways of creating resilience. By identifying and mitigating risks associated with critical components of the IT infrastructure, the probability of an outage from a single point of failure is substantially reduced.

Maintaining constantly updated copies of critical data assets at a location a safe distance from the primary data center, safeguards against data loss and allows fast recovery from interruptions to the IT infrastructure.

Collectively, Hitachi Data Systems and Cisco offer the technology to effectively replicate application data across long-distance multi-protocol storage networks for effective and efficient "out-of-region" protection and compliance. Discover how to safeguard critical enterprise assets in order to enable continuous business operations and speed the recovery of applications in the event of a failure.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Jul 1, 2006
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