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Database Archiving Software


Are bloated data stores slowing down your database applications? Database archivers can trim the fat, improve performance and protect historical data.


Although its value seems to be apparent, database archiving software remains a questionable proposition for many organizations. The benefits of database archiving are difficult to quantify, and the products offered by a handful of vendors are targeted at larger databases, so buying more hardware is still often the response to burgeoning databases. Growing databases can also create performance issues, and new regulations may require long-term retention of aging data. Database archiving software provides database and storage administrators with a new alternative, but are the rewards worth the risks?


Databases contain a firm's crown jewels, so organizations are averse to exposing these assets to relatively unknown products. But existing techniques can't keep up. Additional hardware doesn't address issues like extracting old or unneeded data from the database. Database tools can purge old data to resolve an immediate performance problem, but they don't automate the archiving process or create compliant data stores.


Jerome Wendt

Jerome M. Wendt is the founder and lead analyst of The Datacenter Infrastructure Group, an independent analyst and consulting firm that helps users evaluate the different storage technologies on the market and make the right storage decision for their organization. Jerome began his career as a systems administrator and has worked in a number of end user roles in both public and private organizations including a storage analyst, systems manager and storage systems engineer. In his last position prior to founding The Datacenter Infrastructure Group, he worked as a member of a global storage support team for a Fortune 500 company responsible for more than 200 TB of storage and 3,000 SAN ports in seven different data centers. Jerome contributes regularly to a number of storage trade publications and is a regular speaker at industry trade shows. He can be reached at

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20 Oct 2006
01 Oct 2006
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This resource is no longer available.