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A Glimpse Into the Future of Security-Enabled Networks

Through both vendor consolidation and evolution, security capabilities are increasingly being woven into the network fabric. Is this a good thing or does it undermine everything that you've done over the past ten years? This hour-long webcast will help every security practitioner understand network/security evolution and how to harness this strategic trend to make better tactical decisions. Beginning the journey by understanding where network security has come from, attendees will be exposed to three different future state scenarios including network security remaining a best of breed function, being into switches and routers and finally being implemented in the network cloud as a service. There are no absolutes when gazing into the crystal ball, but understanding what could happen enables security practitioners to determining the most effective time for infrastructure upgrades.


Mike Rothman President, Securosis

Mike Rothman is President of independent research firm Securosis. His bold perspectives and irreverent style are invaluable as companies determine effective strategies to grapple with the dynamic security threatscape. Mike specializes in the "sexy" aspects of security, like protecting networks and endpoints, security management, and compliance. After 20 years in and around security, he’s one of the guys who “knows where the bodies are buried” in the security space.

ProCurve Networking by HP
Aug 16, 2006, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.