Addressing the Insider Threat with NetIQ Operational Change Control Solutions

Addressing the Insider Threat with NetIQ Operational Change Control Solutions

Download "Addressing the Insider Threat with NetIQ Operational Change Control Solutions" to get the expert advice you need to build a comprehensive management system that reduces and eliminates the risk of an insider threat. Co-authored by NetIQ and Dr. Eric Cole, this informative white paper identifies the key business processes that must be secured and ready to build a solution to contain the insider threat.

It provides detailed information on:

  • Why organizations need to limit IT administrator power to ensure operational integrity and assure compliance
  • How to implement robust change control processes and tools
  • The need to assess IT security risks and regulatory non-compliance before breaches or penalties impact your organization

Download this white paper today to find out how NetIQ can help you virtually eliminate the insider threat.


Eric Cole Dr. Eric Cole has been working with International banks, Fortune 500 companies, and governmental agencies such as the CIA for more than fifteen years to improve their security. In addition to being a hands-on expert, he's also a respected teacher, presenting at security conferences, working to explain security concerns to mass media through outlets like CBS News, 60 Minutes, and CNN, and writing articles and books including Hackers Beware, Hiding in Plain Sight and the Network Security Bible. Dr. Cole's most recent book Insider Threat reminds us that insiders - trusted employees and contractors - can do more damage more quickly to an organization than any outside hacker.
09 Aug 2006
29 Mar 2006
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