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Alcatel 1850 TSS-320: Transport Service Switch | Release 1

The Alcatel 1850 Transport Service Switch (TSS) is a new breed of multiservice transport platform that is able to support any mix of traffic from 100 percent circuits to 100 percent packets. This is achieved by a unique technology-independent (universal) switch capable of switching packets or circuits in their native format and transporting them as they are, thus optimizing overall network efficiency.

Service providers can address the transition from TDM/circuit based transport to packet transport with a flexible provisioning of carrier Ethernet/transport multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), SONET/SDH, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) and optical transport network (OTN) in any proportion with only a simple change of the line cards. This unique capability supports current traffic requirements and eliminates scalability issues encountered by traditional multiservice provisioning platform (MSPP)/multiservice transport platform (MSTP) solutions as packetbased traffic grows, making the Alcatel 1850 TSS the ideal building block for the evolution of transport networks. With the Alcatel 1850 TSS, service providers have the flexibility to split increasing traffic demands among any combination of carrier Ethernet switching, WDM, optical data unit (ODU) and TDM transport technologies using a simple "point and click" interface.

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07 Jul 2006
01 Jul 2005
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This resource is no longer available.