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ITIL Version 3.0 -- What It Means to You

As the IT industry standardizes its operations to solve business problems in the most efficient, effective, economical, and equitable way, ITIL v3 becomes a critical tool. In combination with the new ISO-20000 certification and audit standards, ITIL v3 will fully blossom into the new norm.

If your organization is already ISO 9000/9001-certified, you will have a much easier time gaining and maintaining management commitment for your ITIL implementation! In addition, if you are already implementing or adopting ITIL, there is now an international audit and certification available for organizations.

The new version of the ITIL includes an impressive array of prescriptive solutions for achieving and sustaining BITA, showing value and delivering return on investment. If you have been putting off ITIL, now is the time to begin implementing it. If you are implementing ITIL, you need to understand these changes and take advantage of them. The more prescriptive new additions and alignment with business drivers that ITIL v3 contains can help you accelerate acceptance in your organization.

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Hank Marquis Certified ITSM Professional Hank Marquis is a certified IT Service Management professional with more than 20 years of practical hands-on experience managing, organizing and optimizing IT infrastructures and organizations. Marquis is currently a managing partner and serves as Chief Technology Officer at ITSM Solutions LLC. He leads the research, development and delivery of IT service management coaching, advising, and training products and services.
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06 Jul 2006
01 Jul 2006
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This resource is no longer available.