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The Advantages of Row and Rack-Oriented Cooling Architectures for Data Centers


Latest generation high density and variable density IT equipment create conditions that traditional data center room cooling was never intended to address, resulting in cooling systems that are inefficient, unpredictable, and low in power density. Row-oriented and rack-oriented cooling architectures have been developed to address these problems. This paper contrasts room, row, and rack architectures and shows why row-oriented cooling will emerge as the preferred solution for most next generation data centers.


Kevin Dunlap Product Line Manager for Modular/High Density Cooling Solutions, APC Kevin Dunlap is the Product Line Manager for Modular/High Density Cooling Solutions at American Power Conversion (APC). APC is a global leader in the development of precision power system technologies and one of the world's largest providers of equipment that serves the network-critical physical infrastructure. Involved with the power management industry since 1994, Kevin previously worked for Systems Enhancement Corp., a provider of power management hardware and software, which APC acquired in 1997. Following the acquisition, Kevin joined APC as a Product Manager for management cards and then precision cooling solutions following the acquisition of Airflow Company in 2000.
Neil Rasmussen Founder and the Chief Technical Officer, APC Neil Rasmussen is a founder and the Chief Technical Officer of American Power Conversion. At APC, Neil directs the world’s largest R&D budget devoted to power, cooling, and rack infrastructure for critical networks, with principal product development centers in Massachusetts, Missouri, Denmark, Rhode Island, Taiwan, and Ireland. Neil is currently leading the effort at APC to develop modular scalable data center infrastructure solutions and is the principal architect of APC’s InfraStruXure system.
Schneider Electric
01 Oct 2010
01 Oct 2010
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This resource is no longer available.