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Fundamental Principles of Network Security


Security incidents are rising at an alarming rate every year. As the complexity of the threats increases, so do the security measures required to protect networks. Data center operators, network administrators, and other data center professionals need to comprehend the basics of security in order to safely deploy and manage networks today. This paper covers the fundamentals of secure networking systems, including firewalls, network topology and secure protocols. Best practices are also given that introduce the reader to some of the more critical aspects of securing a network.


Christopher Leidigh Director of Communications and Technology Research, APC Christopher Leidigh is the Director of Communications and Technology Research with APC based in Rhode Island, USA. He has 18 years of programming and design experience in computer and microprocessor systems with a current focus on communication systems, IP networking, security and embedded systems research and design. He has been with APC for ten years leading the embedded networking and management product line. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-Electrical Engineering from Brown University. He is a regular speaker at the Embedded Systems Conferences in the US and abroad as well as a member of the advisory board. Publications include the Journal of Physiology, Communications Systems Design, Embedded Systems Programming and the EE Times.
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10 Jul 2009
09 Jul 2009
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This resource is no longer available.