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Enterprise Architecture - A Driver for Business Agility and Governance


In today's IT world, three of the most abused terms in the media are 1) the Enterprise Architecture, 2) Governance and 3) Agility. Then the magic Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) bandwagon creeps up, holding the promise of driving all of the above making your business profitable. But is it true?

There are too many definitions of architectures. Governance is muddled and intertwined with management. And agility? Well, it translates into many different things. Bottom line: it depends on who you ask. But how does all this relate to Enterprise Architectures? The purpose of this webcast is to clarify these buzz words and articulate what an Enterprise Architecture means and how they help in governance and increasing business agility.

The Enterprise Architectures (EA) play a key role in implementing diverse business, information and application integration models. The major goal of an EA is information sharing. Achieving this goal requires accessibility, visibility, integrate-ability, flexibility, consistency, trustworthiness of the captured data by individual business domain but shared (re-used) across the enterprise business ecosystem. The EA provides a structured framework for visualizing business/process domains, elements and their interactions. All these elements are pre-requisites to implementing SAP's new Business Applications paradigm, the Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA). Since EA provide a clear layout of interfaces among entities, it is much easier look at the governance points and their ramifications from business agility perspectives.


Naeem Hashmi Founder, Chief Research Officer for Information Frameworks Naeem is a world-renowned thought leader, author, speaker, and expert on emerging Information Technologies with 25+ years of experience in Enterprise Architectures, Distributed Service-Oriented Business applications design, ERP application Integration, Information Delivery Architectures, Data Warehousing; Data Mining; CRM, Management Consulting, Knowledge and Technology Transfer and visualizing new products. Current research work includes Information Visualization, Social Networks, Information Psyche Mining, and the Enterprise Architectures.
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Jun 26, 2006, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.