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Commercial Open Source CRM: Transforming the Enterprise

Attend this webcast to hear:

  • How to achieve faster ROI with open source applications
  • Customer insights from athenahealth - How to build a business on a combination of proprietary and open source applications
  • SugarCRM success stories - delivering high-quality CRM applications to the enterprise


Bob Gatewood CTO, athenahealth Bob Gatewood is the CTO at athenahealth, the leading provider of medical billing software in the United States. Bob has helped to build a $60M company on a mix of open source and proprietary solutions. He holds an MBA from the University of Colorado.

Clint Oram Co-Founder, SugarCRM Inc. Clint Oram is one of three co-founders of SugarCRM and co-led the product design and development and the customer services team through the first year of business. Clint's 10 years in enterprise software experience spans product management, professional services and software engineering. Prior to co-founding SugarCRM, Clint worked at E.piphany, Octane Software, Hewlett Packard and PG&E.

Dan Woods former CTO and Author and Technologist, Dan Woods is the CTO and Publisher of Evolved Media Network. Dan recently co-founded and has a background in technology and journalism. He was CTO of, CapitalThinking and led development at Time Inc's Pathfinder. He is the author of numerous technology books and is a recognized thought leader in the field of enterprise software and open source technologies.

SugarCRM Inc.
May 25, 2006, 14:00 EDT (18:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.