BPM & SOA: Better Together

BPM & SOA: Better Together

Together business process modeling (BPM) and service oriented architecture (SOA) help facilitate the next phase of business process evolution - going from merely automating repeatable processes to flexible automation of dynamic processes. This evolution is occurring because enterprises must compete more effectively by adapting to market changes faster, improving efficiency continuously and streamlining collaboration across traditionally siloed departments.

Modern BPM solutions, such as IBM WebSphere Business Modeler and Business Monitor, help to dramatically simplify the modeling, monitoring and redesign of extremely complex processes containing automated functions and personnel decision making. These BPM solutions make process models living representations of how organizations operate to deliver value and how organizational operations can change to help increase that value.

Making those value changes to processes a reality requires integration between existing and future applications that automate specific business functions. Automation only becomes flexible if it can be reused and reintegrated in a dynamic manner.

Solutions such as IBM WebSphere Integration Developer and Process Server help simplify the transition from process model to actual implementation by creating an SOA infrastructure that provides integration flexibility.

SOA assumes that IT portfolio items will change over time. SOA infrastructure assumes that business processes dictating how and when those items will be used and communicate with each other will change over time. This process independence from how specific automation components are implemented helps make technology resources as flexible as the process models provided by the BPM solution. Enterprises may then fully merge process improvement efforts with technology resource management.

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02 Feb 2006
01 Dec 2005
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