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RFID Basics for Retailers

RFID has become one of the most talked about technologies in the market today. Leading retailers and their consumer goods supplier trading partners are beginning limited use of RFID systems in their operations and are announcing plans for expansion. Despite the promise that the technology holds, limitations with the initial RFID implementations have made the experiences to-date mixed.

The recently ratified EPC global UHF Generation 2 standard and the RFID standards work being done by ISO are key to improving this experience and progressing RFID into the mainstream. With global RFID standards coming into place, the key technology providers are now spending the millions and millions of dollars necessary to gain the system performance increases, reliability and cost reductions that the market needs. This will result in more affordable solutions and a better variety of choices for retailers.

Going forward, most retailers implementing RFID systems won't get the same attention as the early adopters, but they can get the same or better results. The ultimate winners will be those retailers that can use RFID as an enabler to improve their business processes and operations.

04 Mar 2009
04 Mar 2009
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This resource is no longer available.