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BPM 101: What Is Business Performance Management and What Are the Benefits?

This session is intended to help organizations take BPM from Vision to Reality - while integrating with your existing CRM systems:

  • What is Business Performance Management (BPM) and what are the benefits
  • What are the risks and how can you avoid them
  • Who are the major vendors
  • What tough questions should you be asking
  • How/when should BPM initiatives integrate with a CRM project
  • How do you select and successfully implement the right solution

Many companies interested in performance management cannot get the necessary internal approval and funding to move forward. This webcast will show you how to quantify BPM ROI and build the business case. It will also look at ways to leverage your existing systems to produce BPM benefits.


Craig Schiff CEO, BPM Partners Craig Schiff has been working with performance management systems for 20 years as an end-user, software vendor and services delivery executive. He participated in the start-up and provided executive direction for two of the leading performance management application vendors today. Currently he is Chief Executive Office of BPM Partners, a vendor-neutral consulting firm that guides organization through successful selection and deployment of performance management systems. He is a frequent speaker and regulator contributor to DM Review, Software Magazine, BPM Partners is a founding member of the BPM Standards Group.
May 4, 2005
00:55:54  (hh:mm:ss)

This resource is no longer available.