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How Aventail SSL VPNs Test against Leading IPSec Solutions: A Head-to-Head Review Comparing Cisco, Sonicwall, and Aventail VPNs

Many IPSec VPN vendors do offer add-on SSL VPN products, because their customers have requested that they support a broader set of users and network environments, which go beyond the capabilities of an IPSec VPN. Some vendors have even taken a hybrid approach by combining IPSec and SSL technologies. However, hybrid solutions often fall short of meeting the needs of today's organizations and do not offer the same benefits of the IPSec VPN solutions from the same vendors.

As the best-of-breed SSL VPN technology leader, Aventail was the first vendor to offer an SSL VPN and now invests more in the development of the technology than any other company, large or small.

An Aventail SSL VPN is designed to deliver clientless access to any application, from any location, making it the first SSL VPN that can replace IPSec VPNs for any remote access need. Aventail has always taken the approach that an SSL VPN can better address all the access options required by end users while also offering operational efficiencies. By continually working to improve SSL VPN technology, Aventail strives to offer the best possible solution for secure remote access.

23 Oct 2005
01 Oct 2005
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This resource is no longer available.