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Effectively Migrate from Windows to Linux: The Missing Link

View this webcast, Effectively migrate from Windows to Linux, and learn about the necessary steps you need to take to successfully migrate your Windows applications to Linux.

Both enterprise IT organizations and individuals understand the many reasons to move from Windows to Linux, whether it be the security and reliability of the Linux platform or breaking the ever-spiraling expense of the constant update cycle promoted by commercial software vendors. Many organizations and individuals that start the migration find themselves blocked from completion because there are almost always legacy Windows applications that can't be migrated to Linux. The applications may be custom applications, vertical applications for an industry or just very old software that still functions but will never be replaced in the Linux world. Jim will discuss the steps necessary to complete the migration and make the best of both worlds, Windows and Linux.


Jim Curtin President and CEO, Win4Lin Jim Curtin has a long history in the computer industry in both financial and entrepreneurial roles. Previous to being president and CEO of Win4Lin, Mr. Curtin served as president and CEO of NeTraverse, the company that developed much of the core technology used in Win4Lin products. He has also served executive roles at DASCOM, IBM and the Open Group in Asia Pacific.

Sep 28, 2005
00:36:32  (hh:mm:ss)

This resource is no longer available.