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Backup School I: Avoiding Common Backup Configuration Mistakes

Many SANs are built in order to simplify backup -- yet often fail for lack of good design, processes and procedures. There are several common mistakes people make when building a backup system. Avoiding these mistakes and taking proper action can create a backup system that is reliable and restorable. In the first hour of Advanced Backup School, W. Curtis Preston starts to deconstruct the common backup system and points out the mistakes that may be hampering your backup operations. This school will help you to find out if your systems have too much or too little power and why you MUST consider multiplexing and multi-streaming to build better systems.

Because of its performance benefits, backing up to disk before tape is making a huge impact on the way backups are done. With the advent of low-cost ATA-based RAID, organizations can improve backup and recovery performance -- and do it more cost effectively. Curtis explains what options you have in creating a disk-based system and the steps you need to take before implementing it.

In this session Curtis goes beyond the limits of today's traditional backup techniques to expose you to some of the burgeoning backup technologies. He takes a look at five technologies in-depth: snapshots, continuous data protection, archiving, security and data reduction, which are sure to be working their way into your data center and remote office environments. He'll examine the pros and cons of each, where these technologies will make the most sense and why they'll comprise the future of backup. Curtis also answers your questions.


Curtis Preston Executive editor and independent backup expert

W. Curtis Preston (a.k.a. "Mr. Backup"), Executive Editor and Independent Backup Expert, has been singularly focused on data backup and recovery for more than 15 years. From starting as a backup admin at a $35 billion dollar credit card company to being one of the most sought-after consultants, writers and speakers in this space, it's hard to find someone more focused on recovering lost data. He is the webmaster of, the author of hundreds of articles, and the books "Backup and Recovery" and "Using SANs and NAS."

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03 Oct 2005
28 Sep 2005
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This resource is no longer available.