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Five Must-have Hacker Tools for the Security Admin

Any tool can be used for both malicious and beneficial purposes -- it all depends on the intent of the person using it. So it is true with many of the so-called "hacker tools" available on the Web. The security administrator with the intent to secure his organization's network can benefit from the very same tools used by his foes to wreak havoc. In this webcast, guest speaker Tom Bowers, CISSP, PMP and Certified Ethical Hacker, identifies five must-have hacker tools for the security admin.

Tom will give a holistic view of Nessus, Nmap, NetStumbler, NetView and Winhex, including an overview of how hackers use these tools to explore networks, how security admins can use them to secure their organization's network and what other tools - commercial or freeware - can be used to detect when these tools are being used against you.


Tom Bowers Tom is a well-known speaker on the topics of ethical hacking, penetration testing and protection of the global enterprise. He is V.P. for the Philadelphia Chapter of InfraGard. Tom currently serves as the Manager of Information Security Operations for a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical company in the Philadelphia area. He is responsible for leading Penetration Testing, Risk Assessment and Information Protection teams for 120 offices globally.
Tenebril, Inc.
Nov 1, 2004
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This resource is no longer available.