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Backup School I: Avoiding Common Backup Configuration Mistakes

One of the leading backup experts, W. Curtis Preston, explains in the first part of his 2-part series the top ten ways that people misconfigure backup systems. As he explains each of these common configuration mistakes, he covers why people typically configure systems this way, what they are attempting to accomplish -- and how they are usually accomplishing the opposite. Preston's ability to explain deep technical issues to non-technical audiences will help even the most novice attendee understand these concepts.

Learn about:

  • How many people give their system too little (or too much) power
  • The concepts of multistreaming, interleaving, and multiplexing, and how most environments misuse them
  • How companies over-engineer their backup systems in some areas, and under-engineer them in other areas

This session assumes no prior knowledge of backup practices or technologies.


Curtis Preston Executive editor and independent backup expert

W. Curtis Preston (a.k.a. "Mr. Backup"), Executive Editor and Independent Backup Expert, has been singularly focused on data backup and recovery for more than 15 years. From starting as a backup admin at a $35 billion dollar credit card company to being one of the most sought-after consultants, writers and speakers in this space, it's hard to find someone more focused on recovering lost data. He is the webmaster of, the author of hundreds of articles, and the books "Backup and Recovery" and "Using SANs and NAS."

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20 May 2005
20 May 2005
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This resource is no longer available.