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Purchasing Storage - Best Practices: Tips and Techniques to Get the Most from Your Storage Dollar in 2005

In this session, you learn the questions you should be asking of ALL of your storage vendors, and other important tips and techniques for writing an air-tight RFI or RFP (they are different!). Based upon real case studies and actual customer purchasing engagements, learn:

1. The importance of a storage reference architecture

2. How to base an RFI on business drivers, not technology

3. Determine the importance of a storage reference architecture for RFPs

4. Differentiate between on RFI and RFP and know when to use each

5. Get responses that promote an 'apples-to-apples' comparison

6. Understand important notes on document structure and vendor correspondence

7. Utilize tips on objectively rating and scoring the responses

8. Improve negotiation techniques

9. Identify the important items to evaluate beyond just price

Attend this session if you:

1. Are planning to make a major storage purchase in 2005

2. Need to get more (capacity, performance, etc.) from your current storage budget

3. Are not really sure if you are getting the best price from your storage vendors

4. Would like to know how to make storage vendors work hard for your business

5. Need to take the "politics" and "favorite vendors" out of your next storage purchasing decision


Bill Peldzus Director of Storage Architecture, GlassHouse Technologies
Storage Decisions
22 May 2005
20 May 2005
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This resource is no longer available.