Integrating CICS Using SOA and Web Services

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HostBridge is mainframe-based software that allows CICS applications and data to be accessed by, and integrated with, any type of distributed application. Fast, easy installation with no configuration provides immediate access to your CICS resources as XML documents or web services.

No screen scraping. No changes to existing applications. No middle-tier servers required.

What makes HostBridge a complete integration solution for CICS?

  • Support for BMS, 3270, and COMMAREA applications
  • Support for CA-Ideal panel data and field names
  • Direct VSAM, DB2, and DL/I data access
  • CICS-based process automation using JavaScript
  • Enhanced multi-region operation (MRO) support
  • HTTP, SOAP, LINK (ECI/EXCI), and WebSphere MQ interfaces

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Feb 8, 2021
Jun 16, 2005
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