Growing Market Share in a Highly Competitive Financial Services Industry

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As today's financial services organizations strive to retain existing customers and attract new ones, many are introducing new, enhanced products and services over the Web. To ensure the success of these offerings, companies are turning to the practice of service-level management (SLM), a set of management activities that helps companies ensure that online customers receive the best possible experience through e-business applications that perform consistently and outstandingly - all while managing critical cost structures.


Keynote Systems focuses its SLM philosophy strictly on the end-user experience, taking into account all of the factors that affect the end-user perception of a given Web application - always with an eye toward operational cost. Leveraging a neutral, independent third party such as Keynote, financial services organizations can resolve intra-organizational tensions related to service-level issues. Consequently, these financial services customers can:

  • Protect revenue streams and retain existing customers through Web applications that perform exceptionally - every time
  • Attract new customers and grow revenue with enhanced performance for innovative, value-added online services, prioritizing those offerings and clients for optimal customer service
  • Take advantage of an outsourced service delivery model to prioritize issues that impact the end user, resulting in effective management of operational costs and an increase in shareholder value and the overall bottom line
Keynote Systems
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 1, 2004
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