Transforming Storage Operations from Entrepreneurial to Predictive

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Today's IT professionals are under pressure to meet service level commitments while reducing costs, increasing operational efficiencies, mitigating risk and answering to a wide range of other corporate imperatives.

Successfully addressing these issues requires a clear understanding of the processes, procedures and people that are involved - how long it takes, how much it costs to get something done and the ability to predict and mange the day-to-day impact of any initiative on the organization. Unfortunately, many organizations still operate in the reactive catch-up mode or "entrepreneurial" mode. The consequences of continuing in this mode will only result in increasing the risk and costs of meeting critical imperatives.

This white paper explores a new approach to IT - one that moves from a reactive to a more predictive model. It defines the characteristics and benefits of this model - contrasting it with current "entrepreneurial" approaches. And it provides valuable guidance and specific tips for organizations trying to transform their IT operations.

EMC Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 1, 2004
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