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The Spying Game: How Spyware Threatens Corporate Security

There are some basic measures that can be taken to protect a network, such as educating users to be cautious when opening attachments and downloading software. Enforcing a sensible company-wide internet policy will help prevent accidental downloads, and making sure passwords are kept secret will help prevent unauthorized access to desktop computers.

It is useful to deploy technology such as firewalls to control unwanted communication with the internet. Ensuring that the security settings on web browsers are turned on and kept to a high setting will also provide a measure of protection. Spyware and other kinds of malicious code are often designed to exploit security vulnerabilities. Whenever these are discovered in software, the manufacturers issue security patches for users to download. It is important to keep up to date with the latest patches for whichever browser is being used.

However, the most effective way to protect against spyware is to use an integrated security solution to stop spyware both at the email gateway and at desktop level. Using software that protects at all levels in this way is vital.

Sophos Anti-Virus provides complete protection from spyware and viruses on desktop computers and remote laptops in companies of any size. Sophos PureMessage guards the email gateway, giving combined protection from spyware, viruses and spam. With policy enforcement from PureMessage, organizations also gain liability protection, meet regulatory compliance, and increase productivity. A suite of management tools enables both Sophos Anti-Virus and PureMessage to be easily installed and updated, and both come with 24-hour technical support. In addition, Sophos's global network of high-security research laboratories carry out 24-hour analysis to ensure rapid response to any new virus or spam threat anywhere in the world, irrespective of time zone.

02 Nov 2004
01 Oct 2004
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This resource is no longer available.