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Spyware: The First Thing You Need to Know Is That You Probably Have It

Spyware-software installed on a computer usually without the user's knowledge or permission - along with adware and other similar software, gathers information and sends it back to the advertiser who initiated it or other interested parties. Spyware can collect and transmit information such as keystrokes, Web surfing habits, passwords, email addresses, and other sensitive information you may not want to share outside your organization. Spyware also misuses system resources and bandwidth as it tracks and transmits information. More seriously, spyware can also pose grave security, confidentiality, and compliance risks.

With its unique layered approach, Websense Enterprise® protects organizations by identifying spyware in an organization's network, blocking access to spyware Web sites, and preventing spyware applications from launching, whether the infected computer is connected to the network or not. Websense gives organizations complete confidence that spyware and adware will not gain a foothold in their IT environments and will not proliferate through their computer systems.
Websense, Inc.
21 Oct 2004
01 Oct 2004
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This resource is no longer available.