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Choosing the Best Architecture for Data Protection in Your SAN?

There are several important criteria for selecting a solution for data protection in an enterprise SAN environment. Of these, the most critical are how well the architecture delivers solution-level reliability and interoperability in these large complex network configurations. Additionally, data protection solutions need to provide more value and a better return on investment than they historically have given customer's increasing business requirements.

A controller-based architecture for tape libraries is designed to be able to best meet these requirements in enterprise storage area networks. The architecture does this through incorporating more intelligence into the tape library to manage network access and issues. Controllers also serve as a platform to provide advanced functionality to deliver more value with tape libraries to enterprise customers.

The introduction of the HP StorageWorks Extended Tape Library Architecture defines the nextgeneration of tape libraries in enterprise SAN environments. The architecture evolves tape libraries to the next level to make them fully network capable. Parallel to that of disk arrays, the architecture incorporates a layer of intelligence between the tape library and the SAN to offer increased levels of data protection and continue to offer customers the foundation to transform into adaptive enterprises that manage storage as a utility.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
18 Jul 2004
01 Jul 2004
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This resource is no longer available.