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Securing Your Online Data Transfer with SSL: A Guide to Understanding SSL Certificates, How They Operate and Their Application...

Information is a critical asset to your business. To ensure the integrity and safety of your information, it is important to identify with whom you are dealing, and the data you are receiving is trustworthy. Authentication can help establish trust between parties involved in all types of transactions by addressing a unique set of security issues including spoofing, unauthorized action, data alteration and unauthorized disclosure.

Download this white paper to learn how SSL can provide secure communication by combining authentication and encryption. A digital certificate is tied to a specific domain and a certificate authority performs a number of checks to confirm the identity of the organization requesting the certificate prior to issuing it. In this way, the certificate may only be installed on the domain against which it has been authenticated, providing users with the assurance they need.

This white paper discusses the various applications of SSL certificates and their appropriate deployment along with details of how you may test SSL certificates on your web server.

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12 Jul 2004
01 Nov 2005
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This resource is no longer available.