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Using Quantum and CommVault in a Multi-Tiered Storage Environment

Combining Quantum Tape Libraries and Enhanced Backup Systems with the award winning CommVault Galaxy Backup and Recovery Solution to protect mission critical data In today's business climate, the ability to quickly and reliably protect and access mission critical data is a top priority. Increasingly, companies are turning to a combination of tape and disk-based storage solutions to provide multi-tiered cost and access for their data. The ability to manage and move data through these tiers of storage is the key for customers trying to maximize their total cost of ownership.

Quantum and CommVault have worked closely to design solutions that meet customers changing data protection and data management needs. Today's data and the methods used to back it up are no longer simple. There are different types of data, with different life cycles and differing values over time. All of these variables require a flexible solution that allows customers to tailor their data protection needs and storage infrastructure.

Quantum Corporation
14 Jun 2004
01 Jun 2004
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This resource is no longer available.