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Physical Security in Mission Critical Facilities


Physical security - controlling personnel access to facilities - is critical to achieving data center availability goals. As new technologies such as biometric identification and remote management of security data become more widely available, traditional card-and-guard security is being supplanted by security systems that can provide positive identification and tracking of human activity in and around the data center. Before investing in equipment, IT managers must carefully evaluate their specific security needs and determine the most appropriate and cost-effective security measures for their facility. This paper presents an overview of the principles of personnel identification and describes the basic elements and procedures used in security systems.


Suzanne Niles White Paper author at APC's Engineering Design Center in Billerica, Massachusetts, American Power Conversion Suzanne Niles is a white paper author at APC's Engineering Design Center in Billerica, Massachusetts. She studied mathematics at Wellesley College before receiving a Bachelor's degree in computer science from MIT, with a thesis on handwritten character recognition. Suzanne has been documenting and explaining to diverse audiences for over 25 years, in a variety of media from software manuals to photography and children's songs.
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04 Feb 2009
03 Feb 2009
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This resource is no longer available.