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Guide to Scanning Technologies

Scanning technology has been changing dramatically. Laser scan engines, once considered the workhorses for most scanning applications, have been surpassed by new imaging scan engines - linear imagers and 2D imagers - that are more powerful and reliable. It has also enabled the convergence of scan engines into a wider variety of devices.

When the question arises as to which technology is best in handheld scanners, the debate polarizes. The laser camp will argue "it's a laser so it must be better," where as imaging advocates tout its unmatched reliability, versatility and value.

In reality, all scanning technologies are exceptionally good at what they do, as long as they're used in the correct environment for the proper application. Both laser and imaging technologies have been around for many years and continue to improve, although recent advances in imaging technology, which make it superior in reading many types of bar codes, have changed the playing field considerably.

The question then arises: "How do I choose the best scanner for my application?" This guide is designed to help you do just that. As a leader in barcode technologies as well as emerging data collection technologies such as RFID, Intermec is uniquely positioned to guide you through technical information and different scanning applications so you will be able to make informed choices about what will work best for you.

09 Mar 2007
01 Dec 2003
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This resource is no longer available.