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Quantum Solutions for Network Appliance's NearStore Product

The expectations for the performance, reliability, and quality of backup systems grow significantly every year. While the amount of data that needs to be backed up continues to grow exponentially, the windows available for backup operations also continue to decrease. These factors, along with the increased adoption of networked storage architectures, place greater stress on backup hardware, software, and operational procedures.

By deploying Network Appliance's NearStore product in conjunction with a tape library, the customer now has the opportunity to divide the backup system conceptually into two different functions-the backup target and the backup archive. In this architecture, NearStore is the backup target and is therefore the fast restore repository for filer Snapshots, replicated/mirrored data, and for backup image files. The backup archive maintains several past copies of the images stored on NearStore, and also allows the customer to remove media for archival storage as well as off-site storage. Tape libraries are the ideal systems for fulfilling the backup archive function because of the removability of their media; the wide support by backup applications, and the high throughput of the tape drives in streaming applications.
Quantum Corporation
26 Jan 2003
30 Apr 2002
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This resource is no longer available.