Check Amount Recognition Based on the Cross Validation of Courtesy and Legal Amount Fields

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Check amount recognition is one of the most promising commercial applications of handwriting recognition. This paper is devoted to the description of the check reading system developed to recognize amounts on American personal checks. Special attention is paid to a reliable procedure developed to reject doubtful answers. For this purpose the legal (worded) amount on a personal check is recognized along with the courtesy (digit) amount. For both courtesy and legal amount fields, a brief description of all recognition stages beginning with field extraction and ending with the recognition itself are presented. We also present the explanation of problems existing at each stage and their possible solutions. The numeral recognizer used to read the amounts written in figures is described. This recognizer is based on the procedure of matching input subgraphs to graphs of symbol prototypes.
Parascript LLC
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 1, 1999
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