JMS with EAServer in 15 Minutes

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The goal of this paper is to get you up and running with JMS and EAServer in approximately 15 minutes. EAServer's built in messaging service, including the JMS interfaces that are part of J2EE 1.3, are fully documented in the Programmer's Guide in chapters 8 and 29, "Setting up the Message Service" and "Using the Message Service," respectfully.

This paper only demonstrates how to configure and run the JMS equivalent of a basic "Hello World" point-to-point messaging solution. Moving to topic-based messaging from there is a logical and easy step. Although this paper does ship with sample code, it is considered beyond the scope of this paper to detail out that code, as numerous text abounds both on the web and in book stores on the JMS classes. A great reference is the O'Reilly book, JAVA Message Service by Monson-Haefel & Chappell for more details on JMS and its various classes.

It should be noted that this paper assumes a rudimentary knowledge of Java and EAServer. Also, although EAServer 3.6.x shipped with a messaging server built-in, the JMS interfaces were not available in that release. In order to walk through the examples in this paper, you must be using EAServer 4.0 or later.

Sybase, an SAP company
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 31, 2001
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