TMS320C6000 Memory Test

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This set of programs has been compiled to provide a way to verify the integrity of internal DSP memory and external system memory for all devices currently in the TMS320C6000 (C6000) family. Included with the memory test are all source files, the Code Composer Studio poject file, and the linker command file. The source files contain the necessary parameters to test all devices within the C6000 family; the particular device is selected by passing a preprocessor variable to the assembler during compile time. Internal device memory is tested in its entirety and external memory can be added to the test by including a memory table in one of the source files. Switching between C6000 devices and systems only requires modifying the external memory table and passing the corresponding device name to the assembler. All other device considerations are handled by the code.
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 1, 2002
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