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HP-UX 11i v3 Operating Environments - Simplify UNIX operations with the right package
This data sheet provides expert instructions on how to simplify UNIX operations with the HP-UX 11i.

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Case study: Sicoob avoids USD 1.5 million in annual costs with IBM
This case study reveals how Credit Union System for Brazil (Sicoob), the largest credit union system in Brazil, replaced their existing IT infrastructure with a virtualized Linux landscape, allowing them to avoid USD 1.5 million in annual costs.


Presentation Transcript: Tightening Down Your Linux Security
Read this expert presentation transcript to learn about some of the most prevalent security risks to Linux environments today. Gain insight into network devices beyond the server system that need security protection. Discover how to tighten your Linux security and minimize long-term information risks.

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Linux Made Easy: Migrating From Unix
Organizations are considering migrating to Linux to receive dramatic cost reductions, as well as increased stability, security, uptime, and availability. Red Hat® Network Satellite helps to make the migration from a proprietary UNIX environment—and acceptance of Linux...

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Linux in the Mainstream: Highlighting Customers Running Their Business on Red Hat Enterprise Linux
This IDC White Paper presents three case studies of customers that are using Linux for large deployment, business-critical applications.

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HRG Assessment - Linux Migration
The migration from proprietary UNIX and legacy hardware and software-based environments to Linux on x86 Intel architecture (IA) is an effective way to take cost and complexity out of IT.

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The Role of Linux in Datacenter Modernization
This IDC whitepaper examines how today’s datacenters are adapting to and leveraging changing technologies and how Linux can act as an enabler for this evolution.

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Choosing Linux as a Strategic Platform
This Technology Spotlight discusses the growth of Linux as a strategic platform for enterprises as well as the evolving uses of Linux and its benefits. The paper also looks at the role of Symantec in this important market.

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Indonesia Stock Exchange halves its hardware investment cost with a Red Hat Solution
This brief whitepaper explains how the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) was able to half its hardware costs by leveraging a Linux system to support trading machines, surveillance machines, database engines, and more.

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How Can You Ensure Stability and Reliability?
This whitepaper explains how Red Hat Enterprise Linux can provide the stable and proven enterprise platform you need to bring new levels of simplicity to your IT operations while ensuring your underlying infrastructure is completely secure.

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